Product Focus

This weeks product focus is Steico Flex wood fibre insulation. A sustainable alternative to rigid insulation.

Might not sound that sexy but, compared to its competition, its got a lot going for it.

Here at Meadow View cottage we used this natural material to insulate our roof. Firstly because its totally breathable (Meadow view was built some 500 years ago, so the poor old girl needs some help to breathe these days) and secondly because its made from our favourite material, wood. Breathability helps with older properties, not just for the health of the building itself but its occupants as it helps to regulate the indoor climate and helps avoid a build up of moisture and all the nasties that come with that.

I found it easy to handle, lightweight (reasonably), was non-irritant to my skin and didn’t cost a fortune.

Its also semi flexible, which means its easy to cut and compresses to fit in all those funny shapes that come with buildings.

What a difference its made to the comfort of our home. A home that had central heating for the first time in its life last winter!

Downsides are that its marginally more expensive, mainly due to the thickness required to achieve the same levels of efficiency compared to rigid foam insulation. But speak to me about how this can work for you, its not as daunting as it may seem. Also as with most insulation boards, the dust gets everywhere!

Ecological, environmentally-friendly and fully recycleable, whats not to love. Lets move forward, this sustainable insulation alternative is not just for older properties.