Third Design Climate Actions

Third Design Climate Actions.

If you’ve been living in a box somewhere, you may not be aware of the most recent Climate talks being held this week in Glasgow, where companies and individuals have been urged to set their own targets for Climate Action.

Here at Third Design, we are passionate about promoting true sustainability in building practice. We aren’t always able to influence everyone into seeing the benefits of using sustainable materials, avoiding those that are carbon intensive and choosing local where you can, but recently, we have been given more and more chances to showcase the beauty of natural and sustainably sourced materials in our designs for clients, who are open to investing in sustainable architecture.

However, the take up of these building methods needs to increase, dramatically.

To help, Third Design are introducing a number of ‘Climate Actions‘ that we will apply to our Practice as from January 2022. The Third Design Climate Actions are as follows;

  1. Influence – To promote the use of timber frame, over that of concrete and masonry construction, we promise to reduce our Detailed Design fees by 25% for anyone willing to build in timber. Further details will be provided in due course.
  2. Inspire – Further to the fee reduction, each year we will be granting 2 projects totally free design services if they build out their project fully in adherence with Third Designs Sustainable criteria. Details will be provided in due course and published on the website.
  3. Contribute – We have now concluded talks with The World Land Trust regarding a partnership. The aim will be that 5% of all┬áThird Design fees will go directly to the WLT. If your proposal is then detailed in timber frame, the donation for the Detail Design stage will increase to 25%. On each invoice you will see what proportion of your fees will be heading to the WLT for promotion of re-wilding, tree planting and the purchase of land both here and abroad. Cumulative certificates will be issued so that we can see the impact of your donations at every step.
  4. Transport – As from 2022, we will invest in electric for all journeys associated with Third Design. This includes commuting, travel for measured surveys and client meetings.

We are an open book here at Third Design, so feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss anything or give us further suggestions on how we can improve our Climate Actions.