Planning focus this week

Planning focus this week has been on the property at Meadow View, East Harptree.

With the original designs form being a little too modern for the planners comfort zone, we have now resubmitted as an amendment the below design.

It is usual for there to be a few tweaks during a planning application. Whilst we aim to get a good balance between a clients wants and planning policy, we often try to push the boundaries on the first submission. This way we can reign in the design if needed to ensure we still end up with a design that sticks as close to the original design rationale as possible.

With Meadow View, we have kept the standing seam to just the roof and have changed the roof form from a mono pitch to a more traditional apex. This seems to have done the trick in satisfying the planners demands…. touch wood.

This tactic doesn’t always work, however, so if you’re planning on a submission then best to get some advice on how best to achieve it!