I got wood…

Following the theme set on the Third Design Instagram page, this year we are focussing on timber in construction.

Always an advocate for the use of wood in architecture, this year has given even more reason to use, specify and talk about wood as a building material. Having spoken to those growing and producing the wood we all use in the UK, the last few years have thrown up a number of issues for UK timber.

Alongside the usual Brexit, Coronavirus, governmental issues that prevent the adoption of truly sustainable building techniques and running systems, we now learnt that many UK trees are now being affected by disease and rot.

We all know about Ash dieback, but did you know that British grown Larch is now losing a battle against root fungal infections. This could lead to the elimination of one of Third Designs favourite building materials.

With this in mind, never has it been so important to support the British timber business. Search out your local mills and managed forests. The best way to tackle all the issues above is to keep specifying and using the trees that we grow here. Funding the growth of more trees, not only helps the environment by removing CO2 from the air but also reduces the reliance on other carbon intensive building techniques and also funds the safe and productive management of our forests and woodland.

So.. get wood, use wood and stay local!