Introduction to Permitted Development Rights

I get asked a lot about Permitted Development Rights.

They allow home owners to undertake certain development works without having to go through a full Householder Planning application. Super helpful when trying to get permission for works that might otherwise get refused at planning.

One thing i have always refused to do is list what PD rights allow one to build. The reason is that the legislation that sets out the rights are longer than most would expect and go way beyond the basic guides available online or on the Planning Portal. Where one 3m rear single storey extension may comply, another may not.

Anyone thinking of building under PD rights, i would strongly recommend consulting a professional first. Its our job to guide you in the right direction, if you intend on building under PD rights then we can show you how not to fall short of the rules.

Further to this a Lawful Development Certificate is strongly advised in place of the Householder Planning application. This certifies the plans are in keeping with the legislation and therefore protects you from any enforcement action.

Feel free to start at the Planning Portal for an idea as to what can be achieved, but do yourself a favour and speak to a professional  before you put a spade in the ground.